The Priesthood of Jesus

DISCOVER AND ENFORCE THE PRESENT DAY MINISTRY OF JESUS The high priestly ministry of Jesus is one of the chief revelations the Holy Spirit gave to Paul that Jesus obtained a more excellent ministry. This book deals with the entire events from the Cross to the Throne, till Jesus was inaugurated high priest, mediator, advocate, […]

A Life of Grace

A life of grace is a realm where struggles cease to exist. This has been the basis of God’s relationship with man, because it is a realm that supersedes every effort of man. This book will furnish you with the revelation of who Jesus is and how to enjoy what He has done for you. […]

God in a Man

THE NEW BREED! GOD’S GREATEST MIRACLE The greatest miracle of all ages is God reproducing Himself in a man. That is the great mystery of Godliness. This book deals with the capacity, capability and content of the new man created after the image of God. This man is so deep that he contains all of […]


Q: What is salvation and why get saved? A: We believe in hell and eternal retribution. The one who physically dies in his sins without Christ is hopelessly and eternally lost (Revelation 19:20). Salvation is redemption from eternal damnation and restoration back to God (Mark 16:16). We believe man is a created being made in […]